Meso ME is a new gentle skin needling programme which will produce incredible results. Using hyaluronic skin infusions and an 18 point plastic needle cartridge, you will be able to improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and improve the skin texture and tone.


Single Treatment - £75.00

Course of 6 - £450.00


Meso+ is a more intense procedure. Using a cartridge with a 6 point metal needle to produce maximum results with minimum trauma. The active substances penetrate directly into the skin providing maximum effect directly to the problem area, visually improving fine lines and wrinkles, dehydrated, dull, tired skin and specific skin conditions such as acne & rosacea.


Single Treatment - £95.00

Course of 6 - £570.00


A course of 6 is recommended with 6 weekly visits thereafter in order to maintain the benefits.

Elemis Facial Treatments TOUCH

Elemis's globally renowned hands-on facial treatments use touch as a powerful diagnostic tool, softening and prepping the skin to receive actives.  Product is applied using a combination of ancient and modern massage techniques from around the world.

Skin Solutions

  • Superfood Pro Radiance - £45.00
    The nutritional boost that packs stressed, dull skin with powerfully energising and detoxifying actives
    60 minutes
  • Sensitive Skin Soother - £45.00
    Fragile skin is calmed and boosted with a combination of soothing ingredients and gentle techniques   60 minutes
  • Anti Blemish & Mattify -  £45.00
    Regulate oily skin and clear congestion with this oxygenating, mattifying treatment - 60 minutes

Anti Ageing

  • Pro Collagen Age Defy - £65.00
    Tackle fine lines and wrinkles for beautifully nourished, younger looking skin - 60 minutes                                                               
  • Pro Definition Lift & Contour - £65.00
    The lifting and contouring facial that delivers a profoundly sculpted effect- 60 minutes
  • Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel - £65.00
    The powerful resurfacing treatment to target dull skin tone and the signs of anti ageing- 60 minutes
  • White Brightening Pigment Perfector - £65.00
    Target areas of pigmentation and redness to colour correct and deliver and illuminating complexion - 60 minutes

Elemis Facial Treatments TECHNOLOGY

BIOTEC facial treatments are where ground-breaking technology meets active ingredients and tranformative touch. The pioneering innovation of the BIOTEC machine, works to switch the skin back on, increasing its natural cellular energy. Technology, turbo-charges touch. The clinically proven result? Thriving, visibly healthy and energised skin.

 Skin Solutions

  • BIOTEC Radiance Renew 
    The powerful antidote to tired and sluggish complexions for instantly visible radiance
    60 minutes - £70
    90 minutes - £85

  • BIOTEC Blemish Control
    A potent anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial treatment to balance and soothe blemishes and speed recovery
    60 minutes - £70
    90 minutes - £85

  • BIOTEC Sensitive Skin Soother
    An oxygen-infused calming treatment for skin that encourages cell strength and natural balance
    60 minutes - £70
    90 minutes - £85


Anti Ageing

  • BIOTEC Line Eraser 
    Target wrinkles and stimulate skin towards optimum performance with this powerfully rejuvenating facial
    60 minutes - £70
    90 minutes - £85

  • BIOTEC Firm-a-Lift
    A ground breaking blend of massage and sculpting technology for a visibly contoured complexion
    60 minutes - £70

    90 minutes - £85
  • BIOTEC Anti-Pigment Brightener
    A targeted skin-brightening treatment that reduces pigmentation and dullness for refined and translucent skin
    60 minutes - £70

    90 minutes- £85
  • BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer
    Address uneven skin tone with this ultrasonic peel for skin that has never been softer or smoother
    60 minutes - £70

    90 minutes - £85


  A course of 6 Biotec facials is recommended with 4-5 weekly visits thereafter in order to maintain the benefits


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